ION Interiors

Below is a list of services that we offer. If you need something that is NOT on this list, please don’t hesitate to let us know, chances are we can help you or find someone who can.
Decorating Consultation

When we meet at your home, we will discuss your style and preferences, and then develop a plan for you. Whatever you may need, we can help you accomplish it. Whether it is selecting furniture, accessories, color schemes, paint, fabrics, window treatments, furniture placement or a complete make-over, we will work within your budget and help you spend your money in a way that will yield you the best results; the results you want. Starting at $155

Room Make-over

My staff and I will rearrange your furniture so that it provides the best visual and special layout. We will re-use your accessories and art work from the current room or from other rooms in your home. When we are finished, your room will look as if you completely re-decorated it but for a fraction of the cost. Starting at $135

Organizing Service

Let us help you reduce the stress that disorganization and clutter create. Whatever you need, I will help you get organized and have more time for the fun things in your life. We will declutter your closets, cabinets, garages, offices, basements, and pack-away things you don't use regularly while establishing new organizational system and by so doing will create more space and more peace. Starting at $95

Shopping Service  

If you hate shopping for furniture or accessories, or feel uncertain about what will be right for your home, I am available to shop for you or with you (within your budget) for the items (lamps, rugs, accessories, etc.) we need to give your home that finished touch. I also carry an extensive line of items for your home which you can purchase at a discount. Starting at $75

Real Estate Staging 

Are you selling your home? Buyers want to be able to see them-selves living in your home and you only have one chance to do that. Similar to the famous HGTV show 'Designed to Sell', this service is designed to help you get the 'best' price for your home. I will walk with you through your home, garage and property with a Buyer's Eye. I'll develop a thorough checklist of cosmetic and regulatory changes such as what needs to be:

1)  Removed   2) Replaced  3) Repaired   4) Refreshed               

The intent will be to yield you the highest offer. Studies have shown that staging a property reduces it's time on the market and results in a higher selling price:

If you would like me to do the actual work, then I will take care of the Furniture Placement to help rooms appear larger, brighter and more inviting. An additional, but optional service, is to organize all your boxes for storage to help closets and all storage areas appear more spacious and efficient. Starting at $140

Move-In Service

It takes the average person no less than three months to unpack boxes and get the new house in order after moving. This can create a lot of undue stress in your life. Call us and we will unpack and help you decorate so you can enjoy your new home sooner. Starting at $150

eDecorating & Consulting

It isn't always easy to find a talented decorator or re-designer in your area. Let us help you develop a decorating plan that reflects your family's needs as well as likes and dislikes. Starting at $45. Email us for more details